IMGP8291-colorSewra G Kidane is the highly acclaimed Director and Editor of the award-winning fashion film, “Punctuation Proclamation”. The film has been featured in various national media outlets and has been named on Forbes’ list of “The 12 Best Fashion Films” along with winning several awards, including “Best Visual Moving Art” and “Best Short Film”. Noticing Black fashion and glamour missing from the fashion film circuit, Ms. Kidane decided to create her own lane and style of fashion films.

Sewra G Kidane is also a renowned Commercial Film Editor, working with brands such as Creme of Nature, Estee Lauder, and Herring & Herring. Her vision combined with her meticulous artistry has allowed her to pave a new lane for fashion films.She can quickly assess a project and work independently or collaborate with creative’s to produce a finely crafted finished project.  Sewra has an innate ability in elevating the quality of footage whether its high budget beauty rushes, gritty digital handheld material, or found media and transforming it from a raw concept into a stylized spot.

Adding flash in everything she does from the way she edits with frenetic cuts, mixed with a slow-paced edit style, to her fashionable sense of style and eccentric taste in music.  Her edit style has been described as a “ripple effect in a pond”… blending the internal rhythm within the frame with the external pacing of the montage, weaving media into a fluid, striking, immediate and memorable storytelling with a distinctive mood.

Creating stretches farther than just creative editing for her, and now directing. She is also an accomplished jeweler of her own jewelry line; Waist Beads by Sewra; www.WaistBeads.com, specializing in artistry beading and contemporary waist beads; an ancient tradition of adornment. Editing and beading go hand in hand, as one inspires the other to push forward. Waist bead designs, like edit cuts, start off as distinct separate elements, that in the end, come together to form a beautifully strung ensemble.

Ms. Kidane, a native New Yorker, is currently based in New York City and is a graduate of Emerson College. In the fall of 2018, she will begin teaching Fashion + Film at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Sewra is currently in post on her strikingly dynamic follow-up fashion film, “As Above” which is loosely based on the 2nd Law of Correspondence, “As Above, So Below”.


Awards For “Proclamation Punctuation”
    • 2017 / The People’s Film Festival / Best Editor
    • 2017 / Paris Art and Movie Awards / Best Visual Moving Art
    • 2017 / The DC Black Film Festival / Best Experimental Film
    • 2017 / Reel Sisters Film Festival / Best Experimental Film
    • 2017 / Silicon Valley African Film Festival / Best Diaspora Narrative Short
    • 2018 / The Taste Awards / Stylemaker Award
    • 2018 / The Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival / Best Short Film
    • 2018 / Festival International du Film Pan African Cannes / Best Short Film
    • 2018 / Diversity In Cannes / Best Editing
    • 2018 / Diversity In Cannes / Director’s Choice Award


                     To view the complete collection of Sewra’s work , please visit her Vimeo Channel ….